Picture Books In Different Languages

My picture books offer a child-friendly language and many colorful and funny illustrations. They are available in the following languages: ENGLISCH, SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN

BIG – Children’s Coloring Book With Text

Riverboat – The Clumsy Groundhog Coloring Book with Text

Riverboat – The River Raft: Coloring Book with Text

Riverboat – The Clumsy Groundhog

Riverboat – The River Raft

Bilingual Books

The books below are designed to help children around the world learn special language skills. All books are available in ENGLISH-GERMAN, ENGLISH-SPANISH and ENGLISH-FRENCH. One book – two languages – one big difference!

Where Is My Little Dog? – ¿Dónde está mi perrito?

Where Is My Little Crocodile? – ¿Dónde está mi pequeño cocodrilo?

Where Is My Little Elephant? – ¿Dónde está mi pequeña elefante?

Where Is My Little Dragon? – ¿Dónde está mi pequeña dragón?

Our Wonderful Colorful Highway – Unsere wunderbare bunte Autobahn

First Reader Books

Learning to read can be so easy. My first reader books are exciting stories for boys and girls, full of fantasy and adventure, diverse and sometimes serious. Reading fun guaranteed

BIG – A Little Story about Respect and Self-Esteem

Chapter Books

Please find below my selection of chapter books for  young kids reading themselves. Adventure and fun are in the focus. Short chapters with great characters, focused writing and well illustrated pictures, to laugh out loud but also thought-provoking.

Stars Shine – A Fantastic Journey

Young Adult Novels

The choice of books for young adults is huge today. But there are still no limits to versatility. Luckily! From fantasy, adventure and suspense to everyday family and school life novels you will find nearly everything in my books. Great reading hours and age-appropriate entertainment guaranteed!

Bridget Knotterfield – A Hiccup Mystery

Stars Shine – A Fantastic Journey